Sunday, November 30, 2008

November Recap

I have decided to resume my posting by catching you up on what has happened while I have been away.

First off, I was not as successful during NANOWRIMO as I had hoped. However, I did much better than I did than last year.

The reactions to the outcome of the election almost caused me to lose all hope in humanity. If I had to read one more Facebook status mentioning "how far we strayed" as a nation in God's eyes I would have lost my mind or been arrested for assaulting horribly misguided people with a big stick.

I was convicted this month about my spending by a friend who rarely offers critique. I am redoubling my efforts to get out of debt. The fact that I have any right now is a shame.

Facebook and I decided to take a break. I will probably come back in 2009, but we just needed some time apart. I was spending an unhealthy amount of time on it and needed to disengage.

I did something I don't regret, but I do regret the motivation for doing it. I asked someone out for the first time. I was rejected, but not offended or hurt. He was gracious and I have learned an important lesson about listening to myself instead of the voices of others. I will also not let jealousy of others lead to me to such rash decisions in the future.

I have finally decided that the idea of me buying a house is utterly ridiculous. I do not need to take on that burden and at the age of 22 there is no need for me to own a house in the first place.

I am headed out of town for work and it's going to be cold and snowy. I bought some gloves.

I have been thinking a lot about faith/God/religion lately and will probably be posting a few things that I have written over the past few weeks.

It's good to be back.