Saturday, April 10, 2010


Spring came upon us overnight.  Instantly everything was in bloom.  It was more forceful and beautiful than years past.  Pollen dusted every car, mailbox, and pet in the city.  Thankfully a storm the other night washed it away.  For the first time in maybe forever, I'm able to enjoy the beauty instead of curse it thanks to some amazing allergy shots. 

Today I finally finished season 3 of Mad Men.  It has been neglected on my DVR for far too long.  It did not fail to disappoint.  Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a better television show.  The writing and acting are phenomenal.

This week has been full of reminders of both life and death.  In keeping with the Easter theme I'll even use the word resurrection.  A relationship that I feared could be dying came back to life.  Words I thought might never be said were said and for the first time in a long time things felt like they used to.  It was one of the best conversations I've had all year.

At tutoring we're working on poetry.  I'm practically having a workshop and it's tons of fun.  Maybe I'll start posting a daily haiku. 

When I close my eyes and think of the future I picture many different scenarios and wonder which will be the most fulfilling.  The more I ponder the more I think I'm just going to have to give them all a shot! 

I've not dropped off the face of the earth.  I'm here, enjoying the opportunities I have been given.  I wish you could all be here with me.  Actually, I guess I could give some of you reading this a call.  Let's do lunch or maybe a movie and some cocktails.

Happy Spring.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't I tell you the finale was intense? I'm so excited about season 4. I've even gotten my mother-in-law on the bandwagon.